Getting Your Deck Ready for The Spring

If you have the option, the backyard should be relaxing. Your home should reflect your personality and create the perfect spot to enjoy great views, invite loved ones over, or simply unwind. We know that one of the surefire ways to improve your home is to enhance its exterior by adding a new patio, or enhancing the one already there.

During the cold winter months, your deck could use some loving care to breathe back some life into it and make it a warm and beneficial outdoor space by spring. A lot of the work required to get your deck into the best condition possible by Spring depends on the materials used in its structure. For a wood deck, repainting can include sanding and sealing the boards. A professional may be needed for a major repair. For a Trex deck, the minimal work can go a long way so that you can spend more time outdoors in the spring.
Some Ways To Improve Your Deck For The Spring

  • A heavy-duty leaf blower can remove any accumulated leaves and debris that may have accumulated over the past few months. There’s no better way to begin the new season than to make your deck picture-perfect before you invite your family and friends over. Remove mold and rotting wood by using a power washer.
  • Make sure to wash your barbeques, pots, planters, or other furniture if you have left them outside during the winter months.
  • Replace broken or uneven pavers stones while you are cleaning off your deck.
  • No matter whether you put your furniture away for the winter or left it outside, it’s bound to need a good wash. Cleaning needs will vary. A gentle spray bottle of water and a soft sponge will help clean most kinds of furniture.
  • Ensure that your furniture is air-dried after it has been washed to prevent any mold growth. Pay particular attention to seat cushions, making sure they are propped up evenly.
  • The spring is a wonderful time to enhance the functionality of your deck. Consult a deck builder about adding screened-in areas, pergolas, or covered roofs. In addition to keeping bugs out, screened in decks and patios can also offer seclusion from neighbors and prevent your furniture from becoming damaged.
  • Bring color and fun to your home’s exterior with multi-colored furnishings, umbrellas, accent pillows, and plants. Select tones that augment the outside of your home but also adds charm. To make a complete, well-polished appearance, insert other elements of outdoor living like dining ware, serving dishes, and other ornaments.
  • If you don’t have a big garden, purchase store-bought planters and hanging baskets and sprinkle them throughout your yard.

These are just a few examples of things you can do to improve the ambiance of your deck and to get it ready for warmer weather. While it may be annoying to think about Spring during the winter’s low temperatures, ultimately, you will be rewarded.  Relax, enjoy, and entertain guests with confidence.

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Regular maintenance should be performed throughout the entire year; however, the winter allows you to make structural changes without interfering during the seasons where you will enjoy it the most. Why install new features that get in the way of using your deck, when you can do this during the time of the year when it’s not in use.

For more construction-oriented processes like creating an enclosed porch to keep out bugs or adding additional features like railings, and extensions, consider hiring a deck contractor in Newton & other areas in MA.

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