How To Maintain Your Pool Deck?

Newton Deck Builder - How To Maintain Your Pool Deck?

A deck makes your above ground pool a more enjoyable place for you and your family. It creates that extra space to relax after a good swim.
A well designed and maintained deck to your pool is also a great way to keep your family safe. It may seem like a relatively easy and inexpensive way to enhance your outside space, but it requires some maintenance and care.
A neglected pool deck will start to develop algae, dirt, humidity, and other microscopic particles that cause unattractive stains, discoloration, and even some safety hazards.
Here are some maintenance tips for above ground pool decks for your backyard.
Pay Attention To Structural Issues
The deck is nothing more than the sum of its parts, which means that many structural problems are bound to arise. Nails get loose, boards deteriorate, lacker wains. 
One way to protect your deck is to inspect it every two to three years. Watch out for loose nails, wobbly floorboards, and shaky railings.
If there’s something on your deck that needs repairing, you’ll need to replace it before you or a family member causes it to collapse or worse, get injured.

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It is also recommended that you re-stain and reseal your above ground pool deck every two to three years.
Keep The Space Clear
 When inspecting the deck, make sure that you have it clear of all the toys, furniture, and other fixings, so you can notice problems that may lurk.
Once you get everything clear, this is a perfect time to give it a fresh coat of paint and lacquer to improve its appearance and longevity.
How To Remove The Stains, Discoloration, and Gunk
A pressure washer or a simple garden hose with adequate water pressure is one of the easiest ways to rid all the gunk hiding in between the timber. If you don’t have one, you can scrub the wood manually.
It’s essential to use products that get rid of dirt from your deck, no matter which method you use.
Acid-based products help to get rid of tough stains and watermarks, while bleach-based products deal with mold and algae.
If you use a power washer or hose, you can coat the deck quickly, but you’ll have less control.
Be careful with your aim and use plenty of water to dilute the chemicals, as they can harm living things that surround the pool. Don’t forget to cover your pool with a mesh cover, so the chemicals don’t end up in the water.
 If you’re going to scrub the deck manually, you’ll have complete control of where the chemicals wind up, but you’ll need to apply a good amount of elbow grease. If you want to spread the chemicals, you can use your hands or a push broom.
More potent chemicals will penetrate the wood quickly, so you won’t have to scrub with even greater force. After you’ve scoured the deck, wash it off with a hose.
Re-staining The Deck / Applying The Seal
The deck is ready to be stained to accentuate its natural beauty. It’s possible to paint the deck a different color, but first, be sure to apply a stain-blocking primer.
Look for a deck stain that gets into the wood and doesn’t just sit on top. When the wood is in good shape, it’s usually best to use finishes with a light stain to enhance the wood’s natural contour and appearance.
If your deck is older, a darker stain may help hide its imperfections. The finish should also be UV protected, waterproof, and made from high-quality wood. Apply the finish evenly with a roller brush or hand brush.
 Once the paint or stain is completely dry, it’s time to seal the deck. 

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Be aware that it may take a few days for the stain or paint to dry entirely.

​Once it has, apply the sealant, which will protect it from water for years to come.

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