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Local Deck Service Provider in Waltham MA - Newton Deck Builders

Decks built with complete care and precision for the most affordable rate are what you’ll get from MetroWest Deck Solutions. Just when you thought that developing your outdoor living space would be expensive, our team of expert deck builders comes to your rescue! We know your budget is important. We work to strike the perfect balance between your dream deck and your budget.


Our Deck Builders Services in Waltham MA

As a team, we’ll make a plan for the deck design, including style, size, shape, and cost. This is to ensure that you achieve what you want your deck building project to become. Our deck services in Waltham & others area in MA also include other related services like porch design and porch installation, deck repair and restoration, pergolas and shaded structures, and much more that will surely enhance the appearance of your outdoors. To check out one of these services, you may click on any of the links below.

Deck Design in Waltham, MA - Newton Deck Builders

For renovating or building a new deck or porch in Waltham & others area in MA, we got your back! We have well-trained and knowledgeable contractors to guide you all the way, from the planning and deck design to the actual construction of your deck. We can’t wait to transform your backyard into a lovely outdoor retreat that gets you closer to nature.

What sets us apart?

There’s so much to enjoy with a custom deck. It can be the perfect spot for simple family gatherings, catching up with friends, and much more. Our mission is not only to build wood decks or composite decks; we also aim to build strong relationships with our customers through the quality of results we deliver. Your satisfaction is our great success in this business.

Custom Deck Services in Waltham, MA - Newton Deck Builders
Deck Design Plans in Waltham Massachusetts - Newton Deck Builders

We believe in your ideas as a homeowner and gladly welcome them into our deck design plans to create the deck you’ve always envisioned! Are you excited to hear some pieces of advice from our expert deck builders in Massachusetts? You can always give us a call at 617-340-2959.

Waltham: Massachusetts’ Watch City

The place where the labor movement began during the American Industrial Revolution, Waltham, MA is definitely a place to visit for its rich history and tradition. The city is part of Middlesex County, Massachusetts which was the birthplace also of the Boston Manufacturing Company.

Francis Cabot Lowell and his friends and colleagues founded the Boston Manufacturing Company at the start of the 19th Century. Its goal was to be the very first integrated textile mill in the United States and solve the problems in the textile industry, specifically on coordination and quality control.

Boston Manufacturing Company in Waltham Massachusetts - Newton Deck Builders
Waltham Massachusetts Watch City - Newton Deck Builders

In 1854, Waltham City began to be the “watch city” because the Waltham Watch Company opened for business here. The company was known for manufacturing watches, clocks, compasses, speedometers, and more precision timepieces. As of the 2020 census, Waltham’s population is 65,218 residents.