Deck Repair and Restoration

Newton, MA Area Deck Restoration and Repair Services

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Your patio or deck is exposed to a lot more elements than other spaces of your household, such as your living room or kitchen. This is because your patio can host a variety of activities such as cooking on the barbeque or hosting a party on your backyard deck. However, in addition to the general wear and tear of using this space, your patio area is also exposed to the elements of the environment. Even with general maintenance and proper seasonal care, your patio is likely to incur damages faster than interior spaces. That is why you should rely on Newton Deck Builders for all of your repair and restoration needs.


If you need general deck repair, we have got you covered! If a portion of your wood deck is becoming too soft from moisture exposure, or if there are broken edge pieces from where you rest sporting equipment, we are able to get that all sorted out for you. We have the team here and ready to help  quickly repair these sorts of patio revamp tasks. We are able to quickly and effectively address and resolve any patio issues that may be present because we have been working in this industry for many years. As such, we know what is required in the quickest and most affordable way possible. 

In some cases, you may have a large flat hardscape for your patio and porch. This is common outside of ground level entrances and exits to your home. Hardscapes are also nice spaces to have in a detached area of your property. However, hardscapes are susceptible to cracks because of seasonal variations, especially here in Newton! Do not worry though – we are a reliable and hard-working deck and patio contractor who will be able to repair those cracks and ensure they do not worsen. We know the importance of damage control before it gets out of hand so we can mitigate any unnecessary costs or pains for you.

A common repair that the team here at Newton Deck Builders is called to fix are for railing repairs. Ensuring that your railing is stable and in good condition is important for the safety and security of you and your family. If the railing is too high, too short, or if there are disjointed materials from the main material, you could start to have some issues! Injuries may happen or children might get too close for comfort to the unstable parts of the railing. Luckily though, we are able to quickly provide railing repair services to make sure that you are secure again.

Hot tub decks are exposed to environmental elements and they are also exposed to increased levels of moisture and heat. As such, their damages can happen faster than other patios, and may require more extensive care to in order to contain or mitigate water damages or even rotting of the surrounding material. Luckily, we are able to provide any and all repair and restoration tasks. Additionally, we can offer protective coats on the material to ensure their longevity and guarantee a long life for your hot tub deck.