Deck Repair and Restoration

Newton, MA Area Deck Restoration and Repair Services


Decks are very functional and practical home addition. You can host a variety of activities, such as cooking on the barbeque or hosting a party on your backyard deck. To keep enjoying your deck, you need to take care of it. However, even if you clean it after use, your deck is likely to incur damages. That is why you should rely on Newton Deck Builders. When it comes to deck repair and restoration services, we can take care of it. We serve the South Shore  & other areas of Massachusetts and are widely known for our deck building services.

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Keep your Deck Safe. Call Newton Deck Builders

Your deck is a great place to relax; however, over time it will deteriorate and could put you in danger. You will need to inspect and clean your deck regularly. Most homeowners do this on their own and sometimes miss out on deck areas that need repair. This is why it is best to call experts for professional deck inspections and maintenance. We can easily pinpoint the things that need urgent care and repair them at an affordable price.

Is your wood deck rotting from pests and moisture exposure? Are there broken joints and deck boards? It might be time to repair or replace your deck. Luckily, we can help you repair, replace or install a new deck. Our deck builders are ready to help quickly repair these sorts of deck damages. From broken bases to damaged joints and rotting deck boards, our team will come to the rescue. So, if you need one, call Newton Deck Builders.

Cleaning your deck could be tedious and require special solutions. To help you out, you can contact the nearest deck contractor in your area. At Newton Deck Builders, we believe that regular deck inspection and maintenance go a long way. By deck cleaning and power washing, deck repainting, deck sealing, and staining, your deck will look brand new. If you want to change your deck’s seal or paint, we can help also help sand and strip old paint. For total deck refinishing, call Newton Deck Builders. Let us help you extend your deck life and keep your deck safe and sturdy today.

A common repair that the team here at Newton Deck Builders sees is deck railing repairs. Ensuring that your deck railing is stable and in good condition is important for the safety and security of you and your family. If your deck railing is too high, too short, or if there are disjointed materials, you could start to have some issues! Injuries may happen. Children might get too close for comfort to the unstable parts of the deck railing. Luckily though, we are able to quickly provide deck railing repair services in your town & others area in MA to make sure that you are secure again.