How to Prepare Your Deck for Fall

preparing deck for fall

Fall is a beautiful and relaxing time of the year. However, many homeowners know that it can render some difficulty around the outdoor space. With enough diligence and planning, you can enjoy fall without worrying about compromising your cherished outdoor space.

Below are a few tips to take proper care of your deck during the autumn season. Keep these tips to keep your outdoor space look healthy during the cooler months ahead!

Prepare to Handle Leaf Fall

Fall is indeed the most prominent provider in terms of leaf fall. Having trees around your yard will mean leaves are piling up around your outdoor entertainment space. Keep an outdoor broom to sweep the leaves away, or you may rake your lawn regularly to keep leaves from piling up more. Leaves may seem harmless. However, they can encourage mold and moisture if you fail to sweep them off your deck or porch.

preparing deck for fall

Invest in Lighting

As soon as the sun begins to set earlier each day, the night stretches longer, as well as the darkness of twilight. Improve your deck’s safety and your ability to enjoy the outdoors by investing in better lighting.

You also want to consider a motion-sensor spotlight, ambient lighting, or hanging lanterns to help set a romantic mood. Traditional candles or LED flameless options also make an excellent addition to your patio or outdoor deck during the fall. Or, tie your lighting options to various events like putting Halloween bulbs around October and November and switching to Christmas lights in December.

Store or Cover Outdoor Furniture

By the time summer ends to give way for fall, it’s time to cover your deck furniture from various elements. If you have enough storage space, you can move the furniture to the shed or garage to protect your furniture. Or, you may cover them with a lightweight tarp. Or, if you live in a place with farmer fall temperatures, you can leave your belongings outdoors for a bit longer. Finally, you can maximize this opportunity to spend time with friends or family around a fire pit.

Power Wash

Now that your patio pavers and deck boards are secure, you can clean them through pressure washing. During the last few days of summer, pressure washing allows you to head into fall with a fresh surface. This means you will only need minimal maintenance when springs arrive again. It is also essential to put a protective topcoat on your patio or deck.

Clean Out the Gutters

Having a clogged gutter can cause your deck a tremendous amount of damage. Overflow from gutters can wash away deck materials and saturate deck boards. Overflowing water can also cause pavers to tilt. Be sure to give your gutters a clean-out to maintain their functionality during the fall leaf season.

Trim Surrounding Trees and Bushes

Monitor your trees and bushes, especially those that are surrounding your deck. Trim those bushes and tree limbs that are close to the deck. Trimming doesn’t not only keep your deck clean it also prevents damages such as falling debris during the colder season.

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Without a doubt, fall is a great time to do deck maintenance. You can extend your deck’s life by giving it thorough maintenance and proper care. We hope that the tips listed above will help you enjoy a carefree outdoor space during the cooler season. If you need any repairs to your deck or porch, now is the time to do it. Call the deck experts at Newton Deck Builders in Newton & other areas in MA to schedule an appointment. Performing repairs now will save you from the winter weather making them worse – and you’ll be ready when Spring arrives!

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