3 Popular Front Porch Styles for Your Home

3 Popular Porch Styles for Your Home - Newton Deck Builders

When people come to your house, the porch is the first thing they see. Your home’s atmosphere is set by the porch. And there are many different kinds of porches, from the small and simple to the big and elaborate. As a result, understanding the various types of front porches is essential if you want to make the most of this beautiful and useful space.

We created a guide for three popular types of porches for your home to help you better understand the difference.

What front porch styles are popular this year?

Open Front Porch Designs

Front Porch Styles

An open porch does not have any screens or other forms of protection. It is a structure that is elevated via a concrete slab or wooden deck and has an open support structure and an overhead roof. An open porch gives the impression of being more like a room inside than outside. On an open porch, there are no side walls either. Despite the fact that an open porch is certainly airy, it offers less privacy.

The Benefits of an Open Porch

The main benefit of an open porch is that they are less expensive to construct. An open porch is easier to build than a screened porch, and it requires fewer parts. It also gives you a better view of the plants in your yard and any passing birds or butterflies.

The Benefits of an Open Porch - Newton Deck Builders

Know The Cost of a Front Porch Addition

Cons of Having an Open Porch

The elements have a greater effect on it. The weather will have a full effect on an open porch. That limits what you can do and keep on your porch, as well as the frequency with which you can use it.

Cons of Having an Open Porch - Newton Deck Builders

Any unpleasant sights and sounds are intensified. So while you get a better view of the natural world, you also get a better view of any unpleasant activity in your neighborhood. For example, if there is construction or a busy road nearby, you’ll have no trouble hearing the noise from it.

Farmer’s Front Porch

As the name suggests, a farmer’s porch is typical of a farmhouse-style home. In order to make it easier for people to enter, it is a fenced deck that faces the street. It is also known as an open

porch on occasion. Strong support beams and custom railings line the porch. The farmer’s porch only differs in that it spans the width of the front of the house for maximum impact. This type of porch can be elevated or at ground level.

Farmer’s Porch - Newton Deck Builders

It has the same benefits as an open porch and provides ample space for a large group to gather and unwind. The fact that this type of porch is so large may necessitate more time spent maintaining it, which is a drawback.

Screened in Front Porch

Screened in Front Porch - Newton Deck Builders

A screened porch is a type of porch with a roof and screens to make it possible to enjoy the four seasons outside. The room allows air to flow freely while blocking out insects and other animals. This is a great way to increase the size of your living room. The size of this type of porch is up to you. However, a screened porch might not be the best choice for you if you value having a clear view.

Advantages of a Screen Porch

It keeps bugs out. The screens will keep a lot of the trash out and save you a lot of time cleaning. You can also safely install electronics like a TV or stereo system on your screened porch because the screens protect you from many of the elements. And you don’t have to worry about displaying art on your porch or what a storm will do to the furniture and decorations you have since they will be protected by the porch’s roof and screen walls.

Advantages of a Screen Porch - Newton Deck Builders

Negatives of a Screen Porch

The screens can obstruct your view of the natural world. One of the greatest advantages of sitting outside on your porch is taking in the view, especially if you have a stunning yard.

Negatives of a Screen Porch - Newton Deck Builders

Furthermore, installing screens could get in the way if you want your plants and trees to remain a visual part of your porch experience and you love how they look. However, it will not be worth your money to build an open porch if you never use it because of bugs, thus making a screened porch a good option.

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