Top 10 Porch Design Ideas – Choose The Best One for You

Newton Deck Builder - 10 Ideas to Design or Redesign your Porch

When you arrive home, it is nice to pass through a well-loved and designed porch. The same is true when you want to go outside and unwind. You’d appreciate a porch that is beautiful and cozy at the same time. With this said, this blog may be useful if you are going to design or redesign your porch. Newton Deck Builders has put together a collection of porch design ideas for you.

A porch should be created with both aesthetic and usefulness in mind. It should also match the rest of the home to which it is attached. Likewise, getting the best expert porch builders is also essential because you want to put your vision into action with the appropriate materials in the right hands. Creating more space with a porch is a fun project! So it is necessary to achieve its design well. After all, what could be better than watching the world go by from the comfort of a lovely porch?

We listed ten ideas that you can use to design or redesign your porch:

1. Frame Windows and Screens with Paint.

Do not be hesitant to use colors on your windows and screens. Adding a pop of colors brings another note of cheerfulness to your porch.

2. Install a fireplace

Why not add a fireplace and a television to make your porch a living room extension? You can relax and have fun in this area and turn it into an outdoor family room anytime.

3. Increase the size of your veranda.

Making more room on your porch is one of the most typical improvements. Why is this the case? Because a larger area allows you to decorate it more creatively. Your property also benefits from a wraparound veranda! You can use it for many occasions such as parties and children’s playtime. To make the place more comfortable, add additional floor cushions.

4. Build A Secure Closet

Parcels come and go. So why not store them in a safe and secured place? You can install a closet for your deliveries and accessories at a corner. But if you do not have this option, consider placing a dresser there instead. Adorn it with plants and artwork for a rustic feel!

5. Keep things sunny and open.

6. Scatter the seating arrangement.

There is no problem if you do not have a lot of room. Even in a tiny space, you can make it enjoyable and practical. Install built-in benches and scatter chairs to create greater space and sitting. Paint the walls and floor the same color to give the impression of a larger area.

7. Tile it up.

Mix and match tiles for instant intrigue to your front porch. Alter patterns on the step risers for a dose of personality. And top it off with a custom awning using your preferred fabric for a hint of shade.

8. Screen it in.

Without having to worry about pests, you can enjoy the world from your patio. Did you know that a screened porch may protect you from a variety of things? Screens, according to, keep out tiny leaves and debris while also providing privacy and security. Your pet is welcome!

9. Go island-inspired

Bring the Bahamas to your porch. Paint the exterior pale pink and marry it with treillage-inspired woodwork.

10. Get creative with art.

Art has no rules, and so does displaying art on your porch! If you can’t find places to hang your art pieces, find furniture that will get the job done. Look into canvas chairs, for example. Or make your own one using a sling chair that you can paint yourself.

Create the home you’ve always wished for! Call Newton Deck Builders now for a free, instant quotation. It would be our pleasure to serve you! Let’s get started on your porch design or redesign project.

Newton Deck Builder - 10 Ideas to Design or Redesign your Porch

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