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Come and Visit Needham, Massachusetts

Needham is one city you should not miss visiting in Norfolk County, MA. It is a suburb of Boston with a population of 32,091. Needham was first settled in 1680 and incorporated in 1711. Today, the entire land area of Needham measures 12.75 square miles. The Charles River accounts for almost all of the southern and northeastern boundaries of the town.

The city is situated near Boston, which is accessible via commuter rail and major highways such as Route 95 or 128. Needham is bedroom community and commuter suburban district, although recently it has started to attract technology and internet firms.


Benefits of living in the community

Needham is an awesome choice for moving in. However, to have an idea of what awaits you in this town, here are some of the best places to explore.

Needham MA Deck Builders

Needham Free Public Library

Take the time to visit the city’s library and find all sorts of resources for the study you are working on, both personally and professionally. For fun reading or academic purposes, the Needham Free Public Library is one place you may consider. It is located at 1139 Highland Ave. and has been a fixture in the community for over 100 years.

Echo Bridge Needham MA Deck Builders

Echo Bridge

One of Needham’s most cherished treasures in its vicinity is the Echo Bridge which took its name from where it is located in the Newton side when it was constructed in 1876. Experience a walk through the past as you take a stroll at its Promenade and take the trails of Hemlock Gorge that both adults and youth are sure to enjoy.

Needham Bowlaway Needham MA Deck Builders

Needham Bowlaway

Relax and bond with friends and family in a bowling game here at Needham Bowlaway which is Boston’s oldest bowling alley. Visitors of all ages are welcome to go and enjoy the best bowling game ever! It features both Candlepin Bowling and True New England Bowling.

Needham Town Hall Historic District Needham MA Deck Builders

Needham Town Hall Historic District

Located between the Highland Avenue and Chapel Street on the Great Plain is this attractive historical place in Needham, MA. Back in 1990, the district was included in the National Register of Historic Places list for the Needham Town Hall built in 1902 and the public park in front constructed in 1884.

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